Nature spa and salt floatation bath

Enjoy the silence. Breathe in the pure air of the salt.

Exclusive highlights in the Private Sole Spa

Nestled in the vast meadows of the Ore Mountains, there awaits a top-class PRIVATE SPA. Equipped with a floating pool, a one-of-a-kind steam egg in Germany, a Swiss stone pine hay sauna, a treatment area with herbal bath, and a small open-air inhalation saltworks.

Floating Becken

Floating pool

Inhale, exhale, let go. Be completely alone and forget about space and time. The pulse slows down. Only the moment matters. Every single muscle relaxes. Weightlessness in every limb. Every organ comes to rest. Whether in darkness or with gentle light. Enjoy the silence and sink deep into meditation. The pulse decreases. Like a cork, you are carried by the water. Due to the body-temperature of the brine, you hardly notice where the water ends and the air begins. A state of complete relaxation for body, soul, and mind. Forget everything for an hour and leave behind the sensory overload of hectic everyday life. Maybe it feels like 20 minutes. Maybe like an eternity. Relaxation like deep sleep, floating between space and time. All distracting environmental influences are switched off. You are completely with yourself. Completely alone, only in the closest circle with the people you truly want to share this special moment with. 

The specially designed floating pool accommodates two people. During floating, you float in a body-warm brine bath, enriched with a 28% brine from the Dead Sea salt. The minerals of the ancient salt route and the darkness of the Miriquidi combine to create a relaxation experience of the highest class.

Steam egg for two

Steam egg for two

A private steam sauna with an outdoor view is what you can enjoy at the Private Spa at Kleinen Vorwerk. This exclusive custom-made sauna is lined with fine mosaics. In front of the large glass wall, you can admire the view of nature - with Scottish Highland cattle and horses grazing on the green meadows.
The specially-made floating pool can accommodate two people. During floating, you drift in a body-temperature brine bath, enriched with a 28% brine made from Dead Sea salt. The minerals from the ancient salt road and the darkness of Miriquidi combine to create a top-class relaxation experience.


Swiss stone pinewood hay sauna

A sensory experience for all senses is our Hay Sauna - naturally with fresh hay from our Vorwerk meadows, which extend directly in front of the large panoramic window of our private spa. 

Just like lying on a flowery mountain meadow in the sun in summer, the farmer turns the hay in front of your eyes. You can adjust the temperature to your liking, just as you like it - because in your private sauna, you are the only guest. Whether 60°C like a gentle organic sauna or a sweat-inducing Finnish sauna with over 100°C. 

At the high air temperature, the essential oils of the hay grass gently release and caress your respiratory system. The heat promotes better circulation of deeper muscles and also acts as a detoxifier. 

After the sauna, you can relax on the private terrace in front of the large glass front in a sun lounger. Just in the angle of the sun. Enjoy a cool water or a tea made from herbs from the Erzgebirge region, which grow on the green roof of the private spa. This is the good life!

Massagen und Behandlungen nach Traditioneller Chinesischer Medizin

Massages and treatments based on Traditional Chinese Medicine

In an exclusive massage room with an herbal bath tub, our experienced Asian doctor welcomes you and treats you according to the secrets of traditional Chinese medicine. Her Tuina full-body massages, acupressure, and herbal stamp massages provide a completely new sense of well-being. The full-body massage promotes Qi and blood circulation through pressure and movement along the energy channels. This can help release blockages in the body's energy flow and strengthen the immune system. Herbal stamps are hot, aromatic cotton sachets filled with herbs and flowers from the Erzgebirge region. Their aromas provide additional sensory stimulation and activate the reflex zones. A massage like in Asia, right in the middle of the Erzgebirge. 

In the pleasantly warm herbal bath, the essential oils of the herbs evaporate and nourish your skin. In complete peace. No rush, no stress. Just silence, forest, and the spicy aroma of herbs - from the meadows right outside the window.



Gradierwerk zur Freiluft-Inhalation

graduation plant for open-air inhalation

A graduation plant is traditionally used in salt extraction and is used to increase the salt concentration in brine. Saltwater continuously trickles over hawthorn wood and is thereby atomized. A beneficial side effect: a particularly high salt content in the air. We have taken advantage of this special feature and built our own small graduation plant in front of our Private Spa. Inhale the soothing salt air like at the seaside – with a view of the green hills of the Erzgebirge. In meadows and forests. In the ear only bird chirping and the gentle rustling of the wind. Close your eyes and listen. Or read a good book. Whichever you prefer.

Loving details make the stay a sensual experience.

Pferde und schottische Hochlandrinder
Horses and Scottish Highland cattle

occasionally transform the still life outside the window into a colourful hustle and bustle
Salt stone stools and illuminated salt walls look classy and enrich the air with valuable minerals
Large panoramic window with a view of the vast Erzgebirge meadows, where fragrant herbs grow and Scottish Highland cattle graze
Everywhere smells of pine wood – no wonder, since the entire interior is designed with the healthy wood, which is supposed to calm and relax the heartbeat.
On the green roof, Ore Mountain herbs and a Saxon special tea blend are growing.

Door films made from real leaves - yes, these leaves are real! Artfully pressed and arranged, they provide natural privacy protection.
Wall murals with real moss thrive delightfully in the humid climate of the saltwater float spa.
Ceramic bowls by a Hungarian artist - only authentic with a signature.
Beleuchtete Wandbilder eines mallorquinischen Künstlers sorgen für Licht und Schatten zugleich

Private luxury and exclusive relaxation

– ike a wellness short break at the Dead Sea and in Finland at the same time

Our Private Spa is designed for 2 to 6 people. During this time, you have the spa building and terrace all to yourself. You are the only guests. No one else disturbs. The grounds and terrace are not visible to outsiders - so you can even step naked from the sauna onto the lawn. Enjoy the carefree lightness of being. Absolute freedom amidst nature. Time between weightlessness, salt on the skin, and fragrant herbs. Like a wellness short break at the Dead Sea and in Finland at the same time. A small world trip in complete relaxation. And yet so wonderfully close. 

You book the Private Spa exclusively for yourself in three different time slots - for early birds or night owls. Just the way you relax best: 

Possible bookings 

  • Good Morning (9am-1pm)
  • Relax Day (1:30pm-5:30pm) or
  • Moonlight (6pm-10pm)

Our new Private Spa is an exclusive place of relaxation. The perfect fusion of luxury and nature. A feast for all the senses.


You book our spa exclusively for yourself for 2-6 people. The price is €30 per person per hour (minimum booking 2 hours). 

Stay a little longer ... 

You don't want to leave at all? For those who want a longer break, we recommend the exclusive indulgence and pampering weekend at the Kleines Vorwerk. Deep relaxation in the Private Spa. Overnight stay in one of our comfortable rooms or apartments in the Ausspanne, a naturally preserved solid wood house of the highest class. Slow food from our award-winning Altsächsischer Gasthof. A day of herb hikes or horse carriage rides. A visit to our Finnish log sauna. Delightful pampering program for the palate in our Vorwerk Genuss Hut, the "smallest restaurant in Saxony". An all-round carefree package where you can relax with all your senses. Incomparable. Carefree. Simply unforgettable. 

We look forward to welcoming you!

Give the gift of pure relaxation and luxury

in the middle of the Erzgebirge

Verschenken Sie pure Entspannung und Luxus mitten im Erzgebirge