Celebrating and conferencing

Unforgettable experiences

The "Kleines Vorwerk" promises unforgettable experiences for weddings, family celebrations, and even corporate events. Whether romantic or business-oriented, whether a small circle or a large group - the dreamlike Ore Mountains landscape surrounding the area of the Kleine Vorwerk provides the perfect backdrop.

event rooms

Die Ausspanne

The "Ausspanne", the first solid wood house in Saxony, houses a spacious event room for family celebrations or corporate events in a modern mountain chic style.

The "Ausspanne" combines technical requirements such as Wi-Fi access, projector and screen with crackling fireplace and loungers that invite you to brainstorm outdoors. How could the reception of your guests be more stylish than on the terrace with a view of the vast Erzgebirge?

Our tip: Why not book the accommodations for yourself and your guests as well? Because on the upper floors of the "Ausspanne", there are high-quality furnished apartments with a view of the idyllic mountain landscape of the Erzgebirge.

Celebrating a wedding in a picturesque setting.

Hochzeit feiern vor malerischen Kulisse

Celebrating a wedding in a picturesque setting. Say yes and enjoy the most beautiful day of your life amidst fragrant meadows at a lovingly set table. With a carriage ride, you will create another highlight on this special day, which may be crowned in the fairytale canopy bed of our romantic romantic wedding suite.

You are planning a family celebration, a wedding, or a corporate event. Whether in a small group or on a grand scale, let us help you turn it into an unforgettable event.