Nature-friendly agriculture and forestry

Very close to the origin

Bees and goats, geese and chickens, horses and shaggy Scottish Highland cattle - there is a lot to discover at the Kleines Vorwerk in Sayda. Vast herb meadows, the flood ponds and 48 hectares of Vorwerk forest invite you to explore with all your senses. The use and promotion of old breeds of domestic animals, as well as an environmentally conscious approach, are the focus of the Kleines Vorwerk's agriculture and forestry. Simply pure nature!

Rustic made of wood

The grounds of the "Kleines Vorwerk" include 48 hectares of forest, which we manage in a close-to-nature manner. Dog houses and garden saunas in log cabin style, Swedish torches or rustic garden furniture made from round timber logs - all of this is produced in-house in our carpentry workshop. You can see the quality for yourself right here, as our retreat - the first solid wood house in Saxony, the Vorwerk pleasure hut, as well as the rustic log cabin sauna and the adjacent wooden giant swing were all made from wood from the Vorwerk forest. 

We also offer construction and firewood, shoring boards and floorboards, sawdust and wood shavings for sale. Using the wood harvested here - some of it even as moonwood - the farmers and foresters at the Kleines Vorwerk produce rustic wooden products using traditional construction methods. The wood is sawn in our in-house sawmill, and then dried in large stacks in the open air.

Nature-friendly agriculture

On the pastureland of the Vorwerk, goats and sheep graze. The calves of the Scottish Highland cattle drink from their mother, who sustains herself with herbs and grasses from the biodiverse meadows. The geese chatter around the fishing pond at the rest stop, and the rooster wakes up in the morning with its resonant cock-a-doodle-doo. Our animals simply feel completely comfortable here! And you can taste it too - because much of what comes to the table in our restaurant is produced right here. 

In addition to fresh eggs, salami, sausage, and liverwurst, you can also try or purchase the honey from our Dark Bee colonies at our restaurant. 

But you can also purchase horse manure or cow dung for your garden, and even sheep wool from us.

Learning experience farm

In special educational programs for children's birthdays, after-school groups, and school classes, our adventure educator Steffen Reuter offers valuable insights into the wonders of the forest, life by the water, the journey from grain to bread, and the diligent work of our bees to young nature researchers. Of course, nature enthusiasts of all ages are also warmly invited. If you are interested, just let us know, as there is hardly a better way to discover the world of nature.

Steffen Reuter

Steffen Reuter
Nature expert, beekeeper, animal lover, and Vorwerks forester 

• Since 2021 at Kleines Vorwerk
• Nature and adventure educator

„"No book knowledge can replace a day on the farm. It offers children and adults real agriculture, environmental education, and nature experiences." 

Interests: I enjoy being outdoors in all weather conditions. With my craftsmanship and experience, I manage the Vorwerks forests and actively participate in the sawmill and carpentry. Another passion of mine is beekeeping, as I cultivate the honey from the 10 beehives at Kleines Vorwerk. Additionally, I enjoy being with children and sharing my knowledge with them.

Motto: "It can't be done? It doesn't exist! There is a fitting answer to every question, and it is best experienced with all senses. I think it's fantastic that I can introduce both young and old to sustainable agriculture and forestry on the farm and in the forest of Kleines Vorwerk. Nature provides us with everything we need—we just need to recognize and appreciate its value."



GL 2 – Habitat maintenance mowing with difficulty

The implementation of the project "GL.2 Biotop maintenance mowing with difficulty" made a contribution to the preservation and development of endangered, valuable grassland FFH habitat and biotope types, as well as habitats of specific, protected species on the funded areas.

GL 5 – GL 5 - special species-conserving grassland use

With the implementation of the project "GL 5 - special species-conserving grassland use," a contribution was made to the preservation of specific, vulnerable species through management practices tailored to the individual needs of the species. Furthermore, it contributed to the conservation of biological diversity.

Payments for areas disadvantaged due to natural or other specific reasons

With the implementation of the project "Payments for areas disadvantaged due to natural or other specific reasons," a contribution was made to the sustainable management of disadvantaged agricultural areas, and thus to the preservation of the cultural landscape of Saxony. In addition, it contributed to the further stabilization of agricultural businesses in the affected regions and helped secure jobs in agriculture and the upstream and downstream sectors.