Relaxed in harmony with nature

Revive your spirit in the sauna in the conservatory or in the rustic log cabin sauna in the forest. Our new salt float bath gives you the boundless feeling of weightlessness, enriched with the power of salt. Here you can let go, breathe, recharge and enjoy life with all your senses.

Into the salt floating bath and nature spa for pure relaxation


The nature spa, with its large wellness area, offers many other relaxing highlights in addition to the weightless salt float bath: the steam egg for two, the saltworks for outdoor inhalation, the Swiss pine hay sauna, and the herbal steam bath awaken the spirits. An outdoor shower provides refreshment. 

During a professional massage, the body and mind can find peace.

Floating weightlessly in a salt floatation bath

Schwerelos schweben im Salzschwebebad

In our salt floatation bath, you simply enjoy pure silence. There is not a soul in sight. In the floating tank, you float weightlessly into complete relaxation. Let yourself be carried by the power of the salt. You can book your exclusive private stay for up to six people here.

Rustic sauna experience in the log cabin sauna

Rustic sauna experience in the log cabin sauna

Sauna enthusiasts will get their money's worth in our log cabin sauna. With herbal infusions from our own herb garden, you'll work up a healthy sweat. Cool down with an outdoor shower. For relaxation, head to the cozy relaxation room or out to the adjacent meadow on the Vorwerks grounds - you'll be rewarded with an exclusive view of the forests and meadows of the Erzgebirge.

If you don't feel like driving home, simply stay overnight and snuggle into the soft pillows of the adjacent relaxation room or rent an apartment.

Finnish sauna in the Old Saxon inn.

Finnische Sauna im Altsächsischen Gasthof

You can reach our small wellness oasis in the inn through the conservatory. Here you will find a sauna, relaxation area, and a plunge pool with fresh mountain spring water.

Turn your sauna visit into a short vacation. In the inn, you will find lovingly furnished rooms awaiting you.