Leisure time

It doesn't take much to have fun in nature

Our leisure activities are close to nature: beekeeping for honey, exploring the fairytale forests of the Erzgebirge region by carriage or on horseback, and petting and taking care of the animals on our farm. And of course, the surrounding area can also be wonderfully explored through hiking or cycling.

Leisure activities all year round

Freizeitangebote rund ums Jahr

Farm experience

Bees, goats, geese, chickens, donkeys, horses, and shaggy Scottish Highland cattle - there is plenty to discover at the Kleines Vorwerk. It's not only our young guests who experience agriculture with all their senses: petting animals and helping with feeding - participation is expressly encouraged here! Our expert in environmental education and our animal keepers are at your disposal for any questions regarding sustainable agriculture.

Slow Food

Fresh on the table

What is produced in the "Kleinen Vorwerk" also ends up on the table in the in-house restaurant - aromatic mountain herbs from our own garden, for example, refine dishes made from highland beef, which grazes in the Vorwerk meadows.

on horseback

The paradise of the world is on the back of a horse. This is also the case at our "Kleines Vorwerk". Explore the Ore Mountains with our on-site horses, because with our riding instructor, you can not only book riding lessons but also guided tours. 

Feel free to bring your own horse. It will love the lush Vorwerk meadows. Additionally, there is a training area and a round pen available for your training sessions.

Traveling by carriage or sled

Trips in a horse carriage or sleigh are always an unforgettable experience. With the sound of hoofbeats in your ear, you ride through the vast Vorwerks Forest.


  • All carriages, all sleighs: €120.00 per hour, including up to 4 people 
  • For larger groups, an additional €25.00 per person applies

Horseback riding prices 

  • 30 minutes - €35.00 
  • 60 minutes - €60.00 

Prices for guided trail rides 

  • 30 minutes - €50.00 
  • 60 minutes - €90.00 

Guest stall prices 

  • Guest stalls without food - €20.00 
  • Guest stalls with food - €30.00
Stefanie Rudolph

Stefanie Rudolph

Coachwoman, riding instructor, and animal caretaker 

• Since May 2020 at Kleines Vorwerk
• Trained animal farmer 
• Professionally accustomed to waking up early

Interests: I grew up on a farm with animals and place great importance on responsible animal care and safe handling. I always want my animals to be well. In my free time, I enjoy horseback riding.

'm delighted that I can combine my hobby with my profession at Kleines Vorwerk. I enjoy working with animals and children – here I can fulfill both. How fortunate that there is a inn like Kleines Vorwerk that employs its own animal caretaker for horses, cows, geese, sheep, and chickens!

Herb walks with our herb fairy.


The biotope meadows around the Kleines Vorwerk are a refuge for many plants that provide food for our dark bees and numerous other insects. But meadow herbs also have a healing and invigorating effect on us humans - not least, they give many of our dishes the right seasoning. Guided herb walks open up this world to you, including the chirping of crickets.

Our tip: You are welcome to borrow suitable hiking equipment from us.

Beekeeping liquid gold from the Dark Bee

Fresh honey from the Dark Bee, the original bee of the Erzgebirge region, is harvested in the Vorwerks bee house. Did you know that the "Dark Bee" is the original bee of the Erzgebirge region? Thousands of years ago, it was the only bee species that managed to cross the Alps on its own. However, in 1975, it was considered extinct in Germany because breeders had focused on other bee species for decades. The Dark Bee is uniquely adapted to the harsh conditions of the Erzgebirge region - it is even successfully cultivated as far as beyond the Arctic Circle.

Our Vorwerks beekeeper, Steffen Reuter, will share the secrets of the Dark Bee with you, with empathy and charm. You can even observe them up close, as this bee species is particularly peaceful. It is a unique experience to see these diligent bees crawling, buzzing, and humming right in front of your eyes, in their honeycombs - also suitable for children's birthdays, company events, or family celebrations! 

And for those who have developed a taste for it, you can take home a jar of this liquid gold right away.